Commercial Portfolio

Client: HP

  • Capture HP Notebook in use at startup 3YOURMIND
  • Get startup vibe
  • Images need to work for advertorial with the CEO on Handelsblatt and for social media
  • Deliver uncropped images

Advertorial on Handelsblatt Website

“Thanks again for making this happen at such short notice, Martin. Your images work superbly with our article.”Feedback HP


Client: Sony Mobile

  • Shoot with pre launch version of Sony smartphone only
  • Create photo essay on Berlin
  • Showcase smartphone’s ability in low light photography
  • Showcase fast autofocus by shooting fast moving objects
  • Share photo essay and images shot with the smartphone on personal Twitter account at launch date

Photo Essay on Sony Mobile Blog

“Thanks for this. Everyone was very pleased both with the work and how it was received.”Feedback Sony Mobile

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