Martin U Waltz

works as an artistic and commercial photographer. martin is a founding member of the berlin1020 photography collective. He is also a partner at Marketinghelfer. Digital Marketing.

Martin lives and works in Berlin, germany


Martin is a keen observer of the fragility and transiency in urban life. In his street photography Martin emphasizes the contrast between the soft fluid human shape and the hard and static fabric of city infrastructure. Martin uses strong geometrical compositions, still he thinks of his photography as associative and poetic.


Martin’s work beyond draws inspiration from many sources beyond the world of photography  Music ranging from Thomas Tallis and  J.S. Bach to contemporary electronic music and hiphop, literature with the work of J.P. Sartre, Paul Bowles and Michel Houellebecq, from the film noir movies to Jim Jarmush,  Wong Kar-wai and the recent “Victoria”, the world of painting between Rembrandt, Hopper and Penck. Poetry with Baudelaire, Benn and Celan. And of course the mundane elements of modern pop culture ranging from TV series like The Wire to music videos and advertising.

Martin is a regular visitor of museums and photographic exhibitions off all genres.

I’m incredibly curious. I’m constantly looking for visual input.

-Martin U Waltz



commended photographer, sony world photography awards


honorable mention international photography awards
finalist travel photographer of the year
2x honorable mention monochrome awards


2nd place, moscow international foto awards
3rd place, international photography awards
4x honorable mention international photography awards
3rd prize, prix de la photographie paris
3rd prize, prix de la photographie paris, people’s choice award
nominee fine art photography awards
4x honorable mention monochrome awards


2x honorable mention international photography awards
honorable mention monochrome awards
honorable mention moscow international foto awards



sony world photography exhibition, london uk
reclaim photography festival, dudley uk


streets of berlin, ori gallery, berlin, germany, solo
ipa best of show exhibition, paris, france
on spotlight, bucharest photo week, romania
obscure street, in-spire gallery, dublin ireland


ipa best of show exhibition, new york usa
streets of the world, bucharest photo week, romania
istreet, sol art gallery, dublin ireland


world street photography, museo de esculturas, tejada spain
street photography berlin, galerie pruenner, mattersburg austria, solo