Street Photography Workshops in Berlin

New Dates for Group Street Photography Workshops coming soon!

Personal Workshops

  • 1 : 1 Street Photography Training
  • Your goals. Your agenda.
  • Location: Berlin or elsewhere
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Group Workshops

  • Small groups – 4-6 participants
  • High impact
  • Location: Berlin
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Learn more about Martin. If you have any questions, please contact me.

street photography workshop berlin

Personal Street Photography Workshops in Berlin

Do you want to…

  • Step up your street photography game.
  • Start out with street photography.
  • Do a guided street photography tour in Berlin.

You have come to right place!

The personal street photography workshop in Berlin by Martin U Waltz will help you reach your goals.

100% individual, one-to-one street photography workshop tailored to your needs.

Your agenda. Your goals.

Your street photography workshop.

What are your goals in street photography?

  • Finding or refining your artistic vision
  • Getting a better grasp on this “decisive moment” thing
  • Seeing the cool places to shoot street in Berlin
  • Understanding composition in street photography
  • Overcoming fear when shooting candidly
  • Understanding zone focus
  • Shooting street portrait with permission
  • Street Photography with a flash
  • Shooting, editing and sequencing a street photography series
…or simply more great shots?

The Street Photography Workshop Berlin Experience

Tailored To Your Needs

Together we’ll work

on the subjects that matter to you

at the places you wish to see

100% your personal workshop

I’m happy to suggest topics and locations.

street photography workshop berlin government district
Where do you want to go?
in Berlin
with your photography
I’ll be happy to guide you.

Personal street photography workshops in Berlin : Learning in 3 steps

Street Photography Workshop Berlin government district
I. Defining the agenda
  • Discussing your goals
  • Portfolio review
  • Discussing locations
Street Photography Workshop Berlin Martin U Waltz
II. Shooting in the streets
  • Advanced shooting techniques
  • Spotting interesting moments
  • Mastering your camera
Street Photography Workshop Berlin Martin U Waltz
III. Reviewing the results
  • Reviewing the workshop photos
  • Tips on post-processing
  • Discussing your next steps

Personal Street Photography Workshops in Berlin: Pricing and Packages

1/2 Day

340 €

  • 4 hours
  • Initial portfolio review
  • Shooting in Berlin with Martin
  • 85 € per hour
  • Full payment on booking
  • Bring a friend +60 €
Contact Martin

3 Days

840 €

  • 12 hours (3×4 hours)
  • Initial portfolio review
  • Shooting in Berlin with Martin
  • Reviewing results
  • 30 min follow-up on skype
  • 70 € per hour
  • 50% deposit on booking
  • Bring a friend +180 €
Contact Martin
street photography workshop berlin potsdamer platz

Berlin Street Photography Workshops • Small groups • High impact

Street Photography Workshops in Berlin • 1 / 2 / 3 Days

New dates coming soon!

My street photography workshop are designed to meet the needs of each participants. I will work with each participant individually. Both when discussing your images and on the streets.

Portfolio Review for each participant
Open Q+A to all things street photography
On the streets with exclusive 1:1 coaching by Martin
Individual review and editing tips for the images shot during the workshop

Maximum 6 Persons
Minimum 1 Person

Language English or German

Berlin Berlin, Germany’s vibrant capital what cooler place can there be for a street photography workshop? Right, it’s a rhetorical question. 😉 I love Berlin and have been living here for 35 years. I’m happy to show you why.

Martin U Waltz, your Street Photography Coach

A bit about me:

  • numerous international photography awards
  • exhibitions in New York, London, Paris, Dublin, Bucharest, Rome and Berlin
  • voted twice among the “20 most influential street photographers”
  • published on big photography websites like Petapixel, Digitalrev or The Phoblographer
  • cover story and interview by German street photography magazin “Soul of Street”
  • co-founder of the Berlin1020 street photography collective
  • +200k followers on social media
  • I have been living in Berlin for over 35 years, so I know the city and its history a bit.

Oh yes, and according to Eric Kim, I’m a famous street photography blogger 😉 .

May be even more important: I have experienced teaching to be very rewarding. Inspiring people, helping them to step up their photography game makes me happy.

What others have to say about Martin…

“Martin is a wonderful person.

His English is perfect, by the way.

I knew I would learn a lot about Berlin, but I never thought I would learn so much about photography in such a short time!”Greg Collins, 12 hours Street Photography Workshop

“Let me thank you again for your time and guidance.

I had a proper look at all the photos yesterday and some of them seem to be really good! :-)”Radovan Baran, 8 hours Street Photography Workshop

“I had a wonderful street photography workshop with Martin in Berlin.

He is a natural teacher.

I highly recommend working with Martin.”Megan Dichter, 8 hours Street Photography Workshop

“Martin is organised, professional and friendly.

I learnt a lot and enjoyed his insights into street photography in Berlin.”Catherine Matthys, 4 hours Street Photography Workshop

Please send me a message.

I will confirm and will send you my Paypal and banking information.

4 hours and group workshops need full payment with booking.

8 hours and 12 hours need a 50% deposit on booking.

Full payment is due at the beginning of the workshop.

Send me 10-20 images via Make sure your camera works and you have enough spare batteries and memory cards.
I’ll make some suggestions. We will be very flexible and adjust to our needs.
The camera you enjoy using. A smartphone is good enough. A camera with a fixed wide angle lens i.e. 28mm-35mm is ideal.
Well, there is no bad weather in street photography. A vast subway net, a great choice of museums and several train stations provide an ample choice of sheltered locations.

Make sure to bring warm and weatherproof clothing.

Comfortable weatherproof clothing, good shoes, your camera, spare batteries and memory cards.

A public transportation day pass AB is recommended (7€ on 7/2017).

Group Workshops
A laptop, tablet or smartphone to post process and edit your images.

Personal Workshop
I will suggest a meeting place.

Group Workshop
At my place
Martin U Waltz
Mohrenstrasse 8
D- 10117 Berlin

Conveniently located in central Berlin Mitte.
Subway Station Stadtmitte

4 hours on 2 consecutive days. We can do more than 4 hours a day, if you wish.
English, German and French (personal workshops only).
Sure, tell me what you need and we’ll come with a solution that suits your needs.
Please cancel via email

29 days or more to workshop begin = refund of 50% of the deposit / workshop fee

28 days or less to workshop begin = no refund

Actually, I have. A street photography workshop with Eric Kim in Amsterdam, a Magnum Masterclass with Bruce Gilden in London and a street photography workshop with Vineet Vohra at the Bruxelles Street Photography Festival.