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Street Photography is about cameras for street photography, gear and technical questions. There are street photography tips, thoughts on street photography in general and of course I will talk about the German street photography scene.

Berlin photography is another part of the blog. There is the Berlin photography guide, which I keep always up-to-date and there will be the occasional Berlin photo essay.

Photo essays beyond Berlin topics do have there own category. If you are interested in seeing images rather than text, this category is for you.

Photo talk is about broader photography topics like social media and websites.

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best camera street photography fuji x100F

The best camera for street photography

What is the best camera for street photography? What do you recommend? Questions I get asked many times. In the last years I have been changing cameras a lot always in the search for the ideal camera.
In retrospect I can say gear swapping did not help me becoming a better photographer. Let me share some insights of this journey.