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Street Photography is about cameras for street photography, gear and technical questions. There are street photography tips, thoughts on street photography in general and of course I will talk about the German street photography scene.

Berlin photography is another part of the blog. There is the Berlin photography guide, which I keep always up-to-date and there will be the occasional Berlin photo essay.

Photo essays beyond Berlin topics do have there own category. If you are interested in seeing images rather than text, this category is for you.

Photo talk is about broader photography topics like social media and websites.

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Street Photography Berlin Martin U Waltz

Street Photography: Shoot! Better a fast shot than none

I mess up most of my street photography shots: Too far away, background cluttered, subjects not well aligned, subject matter not interesting enough or simply technically flawed. Murphy’s law of street photography: “If you can mess up a street shot, chances are you will.”

Business as usual. It can be deeply frustrating to edit through a sea of failed shots. Yes, pretty much all street photographers are going through the same “95-99% failure rate experience” over and again.

Brandenburg Gate berlin Photography Martin U Waltz

The Berlin Photography Guide: The top Photo Spots and Walks

What are the best locations for street photography in Berlin? The amazing Berlin photo spots?

Do you want to do a street photography tour in Berlin or do you need to find the top Berlin photo spots to fill your Instagram? This Berlin photography guide will work for you either way. Find infos on the best photo galleries and photo exhibitions in Berlin and much more.

street photography Germany, photographer: Martin U Waltz, Berlin Germany

Street Photography in Germany: Photographers and Collectives

Street Photography in Germany: Who is out there? Who are the movers and shakers in the German street photography scene?
Meet 33 German street photographers and 9 street photography collectives and initiatives and learn about their work and their projects.